Wholesale argan oil

We are  leading in the Wholesale argan oil    since 10 years

Argan Oil is a luxury and rare oil extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree ( called Argania Spinosa), which is endemic to a local region  in southwest Morocco between Agadir, Essaouira and Taroudant.

Argan oil  fair trade  women cooperatives

pure  argania spinosa
Argania spinosa

Its eco-social values   which  we can consider  that  the Argan one of North Africa’s most worth  tree species.
In 1999, UNESCO added the Argan tree to the World Heritage List, declaring the 25,000 square kilometres ,

argan tree of the life

The Benefits of Argan Oil

entirely    finest  oil organic  pure, no additives

  • Naturally rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which help neutralise free radicals and prevent skin damage.
  • 80% unsaturated, containing eight essential fatty acids including Omega 6, which cannot be produced by the human body.
  • acids also help improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Contains rare active sterols, which have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Contains saponins, which soften the skin and fight against acne and eczema
  • massage with argan oil
    argan oil massage

Quality Assurance:

Our products are Ecocert and USDA  Certified . We are committed to provide quality product that is thoroughly inspected for adulterants and additives. Our product is approved by the health authorities of our country. Hence, we can assure customers that our products are 100% organic and pure. Infrastructure Located in the Industrial Zone, our infrastructure is divided into two factories. These factories are equipped with advanced Production Equipment and Extraction Machines for Oils. Further, we have access to a spacious warehousing structure that enables us to safely store and retrieve the consignment.

wholesale argan oil
bulk argan oil for wholesale

Why  Choosing Us?
No compromise on any aspect of quality
Complete customer satisfaction
Competitive price
Timely delivery
Immense market experience
Our Products
Our Principles

We believe in fair trade practices and maintain high quality standards of our products. Our company is based on three key principles that are :
Authenticity : We guarantee authentic deals with the customers as we have personal relationship with the women in the cooperatives owing to which we are able to extract the best quality oil from them.

Certified argan oil

Quality : 100% pure organic oil, certified by ECOCERT
Ethics : Fair trade practices and transparent approach in deals

Wholesale argan oil


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