prickly pear cactus / Nopal

prickly pear cactus >  preakly seed oil

Oil Prickly Pear is a very valuable oil and  very rarely obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Opuntia ficus indica.
It is exceptionally rich in Vitamin E (approximately 1000 mg / kg) and sterols (about 10 g / kg)  which is  able to protect skin against free radicals.
It also contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids, including lin-oleic acid (omega 6) and is therefore an excellent soothing and refreshing skin.
This oil fight against  the aging of the  skin.


-Anti-aging high-end creams, milks, serums, oils …
-Care for very dry skin, hands, foot
-Hair Care for Dry Hair
-Providing comfort and softness to the skin, oil of prickly pear is applied daily. However, it is recommended that seed oil of prickly pear shall not  be used as a tanning oil. It is preferable for use in skin at night after her shower and before going to bed, to facilitate its absorption by the body at rest. Put on the areas to treat a thin layer of oil of
prickly pear. A light massage around these areas will improve the penetration of oil.

cactus oil


6 thoughts on “prickly pear cactus / Nopal

  1. Amazing. I very rarely hear about cactus prickly pear seed oils in skincare products. But I do know that the prickly pear can be quite tasty. So it’s good for you and your skin! 🙂

  2. We are a cooperative based in Meknes, Morocco, who has specialized in the production of prickly pear seed oil barbary fig oil (Anti aging produkt ).

    We offer a 100% organic product with analysis in laboratories in Germany

    Our produkt is available in 10-1000 ml bottles,certified organic ( USDA and Nop )by Ecocert

      1. hello dear Stella

        thank you for your feedback if you willing come to visit our company argania velvetine in Morocco just let me know and give us a call here is our information and thank you very much
        Mr Houcine ANEBAD
        Export manager
        Mobile phone : +212610185295
        Office : +212528288499
        Address: Lot zaitoun bloc a 31 Tikouine Agadir City Morocco

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